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    Review 1 of 3: As Good As They Come!
    After living here for a few months longer, I thought I'd write another review. The apartments are new. The staff is beyond excellent. The Maintenance team is prompt. The gym has all the necessary equipment for a good workout. The leasing office offers complimentary coffee and hot chocolate to all residents whenever open. (I like to grab myself a cup of coffee and do some work at the common area.) Perhaps my only complaint is that the area is a bit too noisy for my liking, especially since I also work remotely. However, I find that the noise problem to be due to the nature of apartments in general. If you're a bit more sensitive to noise like myself but are still looking for an apartment, I recommend living on the third (highest) floor. Although you will not fully escape the noise, you will at least mitigate other sources of noise, such as an upstairs neighbor's stomping. (I think my upstairs neighbor is a dancer) Overall, I guarantee that you won't find better apartments in the Irving area. The pros outweigh the cons.
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    Review 2 of 3: Maintenance crew
    I just wanted to let you guys know how professional and efficient your crew was today. I believe it was 4 people and each one had a chore and before I knew it they were gone, yeah like that quick my dog didn’t even get the chance to bark lol thank you for being precise and quick and professional you guys rock 5 stars ?? From Ms. Cunnigan.
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    Review 3 of 3: Pleasant visit
    Hello Westloop, you guys were GREAT. I showed up early to my appt and Maryjane worked with us and squeezed us in. My son and wife loved the hospitality, the tour amenities and apt. We did tour other establishments, but without any doubt, Westloop was the best in all categories. If our son decides to attend the Aviation Institute of Maintenance he toured in Irving, then Westloop will be the apt of choice.